California with Chris

My days in California are quickly coming to an end as I'm preparing to move back home. I have been fortunate enough to live here for a little under a year. While my time in Northern California has been amazing, it's time to move on to another place.

Chris and I had been planning a small trip around Northern California and he wanted to come visit before I moved from the area. As our window of time was getting smaller by the day we hurried up and made it happen. This past week, Chris and I drove about 1,000 miles around the state of California. The trip started off with some days skateboarding in San Francisco and then making our way to Santa Cruz where we grabbed a cheap hotel and took off for Big Sur. Spending the day there we made the night drive to Yosemite. We got there late but that was perfectly fine. The night was spent seeing the stars in one of the best places I've ever seen them. With the naked eye, you can easily find the Milky Way. As 5:00AM was approaching, our only choice was to sleep in the car at Tunnel View to catch Sunrise. Since Glacier Point was still closed due to the fires, we made our way through the valley and on out to the other side via Tioga Road. The day was long and we were both beat. But I wanted to show him Tahoe National Forest. We made it to Tahoe by evening and tried to catch a second wind by skating one of the parks and jumping into the lake. The final stop was at Donner Lake which is where we caught our final sunset of the trip. By then, we both agreed to call it a wrap because of the 3 hour drive that awaited us. 

It has been awhile for me since I have done one of those grueling 3-4 day trips. The ones where you rack up 1,000 plus miles, full of fun stops, countless of memories, and absolutely no sleep. You're in one of those mindsets to do and see as much as you possibly can. It made me miss them. I haven't taken one in a while because I have been caught up with life, but it reminded me I need to make it a priority again. So here's one more for the books and many more to come.

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