A Change of Pace

I'm going to be working on changing the structure of my website. Mainly focusing on my running Journal section by keeping it updated with not only photos from my most recent trips and events but adding some dialogue to complete these stories. I'll also be keeping you updated with upcoming trips and projects I'm working on in school, which has been gradually consuming most of my free time. 

As a start to this change of pace, I have been recently planning a trip to visit the Northeastern region of the United States. Myself, along with five of my friends who also enjoy capturing stories through pictures are going to be hitting the road during the days of October 12-19. We are going up towards Northern New York to Niagara Falls and then making our way through Adirondack Park where we will then start our drive to Bar Harbor, Maine. From there we will be going down the Eastern coastline until we reach Washington D.C. and then finally driving home to Cincinnati. You can follow me on Instagram (@g.mox) to keep up with the trip on a day to day basis along with everything else I am working on. Until then I'll be home balancing school, work, and trying to keep shooting. Check back soon!