A Road Trip To Arizona

A week before Chris Smith was leaving for Arizona, we came up with an idea to turn his drive to move into a six day road trip. Leaving from Cincinnati and not wasting anytime getting to Dallas, Texas. We were fortunate enough to stay with Blake who is a good friend of mine. From there we made it to El Paso, Texas. My love for the southwestern area of the U.S. grew even more as we were able to catch sunset while overlooking the border straight in to Juarez, Mexico. The views, city, and the people were amazing but we knew we needed to keep moving. After staying in New Mexico for the night, we took off to Monument Valley. Which is a tribal park that has nothing but amazing views of red rocks and trails that go on forever. 

We made the most of it before spending our next two days in Zion National Park. From dusk until dawn we were out seeing what this place had to offer. If I can tell you to go anywhere, it would be here. Making new friends along the way as I usually do this was one of the highlights of that part of the trip. You often meet the best people in these places because everyone is there for a good reason. We decided to make a quick detour to the Pink Coral Sand Dunes State Park. Where we spent the evening and night out in a sand dune until we couldn't see our hands in front of our faces. Experiencing one of the best sunsets I had ever witnessed (then watching my camera take a slam into the sand during a long exposure), was one of the best times of my life. 

To conclude the six day adventure we spent the our time with the Grand Canyon. Seeing the North and South Rim all in one day. Words cannot describe how big it really is. It's one of those things you need to just view for yourself. After being to a lot of famous landmarks and being surrounded by people. I have almost become more interested in the people viewing these places just as I am doing. Why are they going there? What brought them there? Where are they coming from? You learn these things from all the interactions with the people, even if its just in passing. 

This trip wasn't about seeing all of these amazing places but to spend time with one of my closest friends. We talked about what his future holds as he moves across the country with his girlfriend. He's taking a giant step and opening a new chapter in his life. After getting to work on one last skateboarding project with Chris (FOURPLAY). It was nice to make this trip the official send off. I am so stoked for Chris and all the good things he's about to do out there! Best of luck my guy!

PS. As we get older and our friends begin to pave their own ways, make sure to cherish all the good times with the people you love. It's not always important when it comes to what you're doing or where you're at but who your with and the memories you have with them. So cherish all the people who are close to you.