A Weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio

Nothing beats skateboarding with all your friends. We had a productive weekend as some of the guys got clips for the upcoming video Hellavision, it will premier on October 8th at Galaxie Skateshops new location in Northside which also had their grand reopening this weekend. Lots of fun was had and plenty of good times. (Instagram: @g.mox)

I'm still working on the final details of my upcoming trip to the Northeastern region near Maine and New York. We've had some people bail on the trip but we are working on getting it figured out. If I can't get people by the 12th of October then I will be taking the group still wanting to go on a different trip. That route will consist of Tennessee, Georgia, and possibly New Orleans. If anyone out there has any suggestions on where we should stop, contact me. I'll post more details closer to the date. Check back soon!