Fuji Fun (4)

Since owning the Fuji X-Pro2, I've noticed my style in photography changing. I carry this camera with me everyday no matter where I go and always catch myself taking photos of everything I find interesting whether it be in a street photo style or something when I'm with my friends hanging out. The size of this camera is so small that I can throw it over my shoulder and go. What's also nice about the Fuji is that it is not intimidating. You can have this up in front of someone and they don't get nervous as they would if it was a big DSLR. It's nice to be able to capture more natural photos wherever I'm at.

The original reason I got this camera was for it to replace my phone. Meaning, every time I would go to take a picture with my phone, I would use the camera instead to get a better quality image. However the style that I'm starting to develop into with the Fuji has been transferring over to when I use my DSLR and its crazy to see my website begin to make this change over time. I think overall it's made me more alert with things around me and finding more images in my everyday life. It's also allowing me to capture so many more things around me and fun times with my friends. Here's a Fuji photo dump from this month. Enjoy!