Highlandville, Iowa

Ricky and I were able to finally catch a trip together after him being gone for the past eight months. We had both been wanting to to do something during the short period that he was back in the area. After small day trips, the opportunity presented itself for me to join in on a three day trip to Iowa for some fly fishing. The only person I knew going into this was Ricky and I wasn't too sure of what was ahead. 

We took off from Cincinnati around 2AM after I got off work and took turns driving through the night. Finally getting to Iowa around 3PM, we got to nap until the rest of the crew showed up. Going straight to work, we threw on the waders and started on the trails heading towards the creeks. The group consisted on Brett, Chris, Chris, Joe and the boys for the majority of the weekend. We were brought on this trip to shoot photos and video of Chris and Brett who are starting a fly fishing company. This is something they have been passionate about for quite some time now, it's easy to tell when you stay with them on their campground spot. Brett's dad owns a spot in Highlandville where Brett and Chris grew up fishing and the tradition of fly fishing has been passed down through the family generations.

Jumping on a trip with no real plans can be the best or worst thing ever. Luckily in my case, this has always been a good decision. I learned a lot about these guys and fly fishing as a whole. Growing up as freshwater fisherman and my dad being the tournament fisherman that he is, I can say that fly fishing is a whole different world. The best part about going into trips without knowing much is the people you meet and experiences. I'm stoked that I've made some new friends, went fly fishing and got to experience Highlandville, Iowa.