Moving out west

Recently, I made a somewhat spontaneous decision to go live with some friends in the Northern part of California. I had about a month to plan and prep for it so I did just that. Last week, I made the drive from Cincinnati to California in about 5 days. Mainly because I took my time and stopped at a couple National Forests along the way. Making a detour to South Dakota for the Badlands National Park, I got to see Long Horned Sheep, Prairies, and Bison. Not to mention the area was cool itself. From there I made the drive through Wyoming to Medicine Bow National Forest. After getting caught in a snow storm, I made my way out of there and through Utah. I wasn't able to make any stops in Utah except for Great Salt Lake and the Bonneville Salt Flats, which were both impressive to see. One of my last stops was in Wells, Nevada. I had pulled off the exit to check out an area that I had plugged into my route. However, after talking to people I learned I wasn't going to get to it by car and it would be a long hike. They pointed me in the direction of Angel Lake, and it was a very good detour, who would have thought I'd be driving up a mountain? After that, I made the long winded drive to my new home here in Vacaville, California.