Nevada and California

After staying with Jordan in Denver, I took off for Nevada to meet up with some friends driving from Irvine, CA. We decided to grab a hotel and take on the strip of Las Vegas for the night. In the morning we stopped by Hoover Dam before making our drive back to Irvine. Hoover is incredible and is one of the most amazing structures I have seen. With everyone tired from the night before some people chose to catch some rest to prepare for the rest of the evening. I was able to stay in Irvine for three days thanks to Justin and Armando. I hadn't been able to visit the area under Los Angeles before so being able to spend time in Laguna, Huntington, and Newport beach was definitely enjoyed.

This is the last post of the trip I got to take from earlier this year. I'll be working on getting the post done from Puerto Rico. I also have a lot of upcoming work happening in school and a collaboration coming up with Blacklist Boardshop. I have a lot of plans in the works for this year so keep checking back for updates!

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