New Mexico and Colorado

This whole month has been busy to say the least! I'm currently in Puerto Rico on a trip and I'm still updating from the last one. This post is from the last trip which has been divided up into sections because of its length. These photos consist of my time in New Mexico and Colorado. We drove through NM for the day and stopped at the Rio Grande Bridge where we then headed to Pueblo, Colorado for the night. We then took off for Colorado Springs which consisted of Garden of the Gods and Pike's Peak. For New Years we spent our time getting Jordan's apartment together and making it livable for the next few days. I got to spend 5 days in Denver where I got to see the city and Rocky Mountain National Park! I will definitely be making another trip out there when I get the chance because due to a snow storm it limited our time to get out. From there I flew to Las Vegas for the night and made a long drive back to Irvine, California with some friends which will be in the next post!