Point Reyes, Yosemite and New Friends

The past few days I got to meet up with Skyler who was on a trip in California with Caroline and a few others. He hit me up a couple days before saying he'd be up north and asked if I wanted to come hang, of course I was down.

*It's funny how me and Skyler originally met, the first time we had ever met was when we went on a three day trip together throughout the midwest and we instantly connected, the dude is tight. 

Anyway, Caroline is actually from Cincinnati and we have a lot of mutual friends even though neither of us had actually met before. But it's crazy how things work out and we ended up connecting out here. The rest of the group included Becca, Angie, Amiera, and Jake who all were from Southern California and some solid people. Needless to say, everyone was tight and they had a solid trip going already so it was awesome to tag along for a couple days. 

We met up at the Golden Gate Bridge, got lunch and headed up to Point Reyes for sunset and stayed out til dark. I hadn't been to Point Reyes yet so I was stoked to check it out (10/10).  After that, we all grabbed some dinner and I headed home while they kicked it at their spot for the evening. The next day, I made my way down to Yosemite where we all met up at the Airbnb they rented for the night. We called it early and got up at 4:30AM to catch sunrise in Yosemite. Spending the whole day in the park was so much fun, we cruised the big white van around all day and checked out a bunch of spots. We stayed until dark and ended the day with some dinner and headed back to the Airbnb. They were headed south the next day so I said my goodbyes and was on my way home.

I'm so stoked I got to tag along on their trip for a couple days, catch up with an old friend and make some new ones! Til next time!