Part Two: Puerto Rico

We spent a full day in Old San Juan at the Sanse Festival which ended up being the biggest day of the event. People crowded the streets early in the day to celebrate and led into the night. The food was unlike anywhere else I have been, the unique uses of fried foods and meats became the fuel to keep us going throughout the day. I think I ate more Pinchos that day than over the course of the entire trip. Walking down each street to see people crowded while parades came pushed through the people was a site to see. Homemade masks and stilt walkers were a staple of Sanse. People would follow the parades and join in as they came by along with capturing every moment on their phones. In the evening we made it to Castillo San Felipe del Morro, one of Puerto Rico's most visited attractions. The historical fort covers one of the northern points of the island. It is the first and last thing you see when flying over the island, pictures of Morro does not do it justice. Over the next couple of days we were able to drive across most of the island making it to a town called Rincon which is the home of Crash Boat beach, one of the many tourists attractions. People from all over come to visit this area for many of reasons besides the gorgeous scenery. Our last day was with the company of family and friends as we took the boats out to the island of Culebra. Home of Flamenco Beach, one of the top ten beaches of the Caribbean. Beautiful landscapes, BBQs and jumping off boats filled the day. We also rented a golf cart and drove around the island. It was the perfect way to close an amazing trip. Every trip I've been on has almost felt like work trying to come back with usable images and trying to create a body of work I can be proud of. However, this trip to Puerto Rico I was able to have one of the best times of my life and come back with work I'm proud of. Hope you enjoy the second update from the trip! There's many more things to come!

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