Roadtrip to Florida / Part One

First I'm going to apologize for the lack of updates to my website! I have been out of town and working a lot! I just got back from a road trip where nine of us total went to Tampa, Florida and a lot of places in between. We had a solid crew that included Chris Smith, Bryce Benifield, McCartney, Micah Wu, Cleatus, Sami, Cason, Tyler Smith, and myself. We took this trip to work on Chris Smith's full length video called FourPlay featuring Micah, Sami, McCartney, and Bryce. 

Our first stop was Knoxville, Tennessee and everyone got straight to work filming. We were so excited to be on the trip that the first stop was one of the most productive parts of the whole trip. With the heat only getting hotter the further south we continued. Kennesaw, Georgia was the stop for the night after we spent the day at the skatepark. From there, we made a day out of Atlanta then pushed through the night to make it to Tampa. This is the recap of the first three days! Part two is coming soon!