The Bridge Bowl Grand Opening

Just like most skateboarding communities, Cincinnati's has a rich history of DIY projects when it comes to fixing up spots around the city, creating spots, and even making skateparks. The Bridge has been around for quite sometime now but with in the past two years it's seen more changes than ever before. The guys at Galaxie Skateshop, friends of the skateboarding community and Hunger Skateparks created a bowl with in about 20 days. Working non stop and sleeping at the bridge made it possible for these guys to make this happen.

The day of the grand opening paid off with about 70 people in attendance, news stations, and the community present to celebrate. The jam took off and everyone was skating non stop, the Tweens band was playing, food was being made, and so on. Night's like these make me thankful that I grew up in the skateboarding community of Cincinnati. Special thanks to Gary Collins, Zach Kincaid, City of Newport, Galaxie Skateshop, and anyone that has been apart of Cincinnati Skateboarding.