Up the coast with Dustin

I'm still new to California and exploring everywhere I can. Dustin is a weekend warrior, always wanting to do something fun so we made a spontaneous little trip starting in Big Sur and heading up the coast. We got to Big Sur by the evening and spent our time checking out spots all over the coastline and finding a small restaurant to hang out in until the stars came out. Dustin and I are big fans of night photography and we made our way up the coast shooting some long exposures until we pulled into Shark Fin Cove late at night. We decided to sleep in the car so we could catch sunrise there. I have been here a couple different times but always at night so I was excited to see the place with some light on it. From there we cruised up to Half Moon Bay making stops along the way. We were both tired because sleeping in the front seats of the car isn't the most comfortable and decided to call it around mid day. These trips are always some of my favorite ones. The spontaneous small trips always have exciting outcomes. Check the recap!