This past month has been hectic to say the least. Along with the holidays, I have been on a 13 day trip where I traveled with a friend on Route 66 all the way to Colorado. The Route was something I had always wanted to do and couldn't pass up the opportunity for the trip. We made it to Denver for New Years where I helped my good friend settle into his new apartment. I couldn't be more excited for him and the big move he's made. Staying in Denver for 5 days where we got to see what the state of Colorado has to offer. Besides the cold and harsh weather we encountered, I got to a chance to visit the Rocky Mountains, Pike's Peak, Garden of The Gods and many more amazing places. From there I flew to Las Vegas where I met up with some close friends and had an amazing time in Vegas. Then we drove back to Irvine, California where I was able to finally see many of the desired places I had been wanting to go which included Laguna, Huntington and Newport beaches. This trip allowed me to check off a lot of places I have been wanting to go. The next post will be an recap from the trip!

Coming back, I'm going straight into the school and work grind. However, later this month I'll be traveling with another close friend to Puerto Rico for 7 days. With everything going on and trying to balance everything I'll be keeping my site along with my Instagram (@g.mox) updated from all of the traveling. Check back soon for more content!